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Pelz Player Greens

Design and Construction Now Available

"Pelz Player Greens with ShotStopper™ technology allow me to develop natural acting shots, using teaching techniques that we use in my golf schools. They are eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and much less costly than natural grass greens, plus they are more fun and help you practice and play better.”- Dave Pelz

Pelz Player Greens Design and Construction

Short game guru Dave Pelz created the ultimate golfer’s backyard so he can practice and teach on surfaces where golf balls react like real turf with low cost and no maintenance. It has become his research and teaching facility where top tour players love to practice and prepare for the majors and have commissioned Dave to build PELZ Player Greens in their own backyards. PELZ Player Greens are now available to bring Dave’s patented greens with ShotStopper™ technology to golf projects worldwide.

ShotStopper™ Technology

The Pelz patented material below the green that allows the golf ball to react like a normal green. Pitch from as much as 100 yards out and see the ball mimic the bounce and roll you would expect from a natural grass green.

ShotStopper™ technology is available for many applications including putting greens, short courses, putting courses, practice areas, driving range greens, and indoor practice and training facilities. Design options include Pelz Player Greens and Pelz Player Signature Greens.

“ShotStopper™ is cutting-edge technology that truly replicates realistic ball response and putting experience. It is a game changer for artificial turf applications for golf.” - Kurt Huseman, President, Landscapes Unlimited.

Substantial Cost and Environmental Benefits

Water Savings

PELZ Player Greens are eco-friendly and protects the environment as no water is needed which also significantly reduces cost and labor. Multi-green designs with water hazards can be built which utilize natural rain water and are self-sustainable.


No maintenance is needed to keep its best appearance and playability. Simply clean off loose materials like leaves. No fertilizer or pesticides are needed. No pollution or experienced labor is needed.


PELZ Player Greens use SYNLawn artificial turf which Dave Pelz helped develop. A grass facility simply cannot remain lush and resilient if it is used more than three to four days a week, or in the rain, or during times of the year when grass does not grow.

All-Weather Use

Natural turf can be in poor condition after long winters requiring extensive repair. Hot climates experience significant water shortages and costs. PELZ Player Greens do not need sunlight or nutrients. They remain consistent every year and can be used within hours of installation without worry of damage.

Construction and Design Partners

Paul Jansen is Lead Pelz Player Greens architect, supporting the Pelz Player Greens design function, and working closely with Dave Pelz to support client needs. Pelz Player Greens is open to working with all architects and designers.

Jansen Golf Design
Paul Jansen, Architect
C: 647-983-4370

Landscapes Unlimited
Jake Riekstins
O: 402-416-7062

Golf Supply House
Dan Harrison, Principal
O: 800-268-7934

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